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Jon Hopkins
Breath This Air
  • Jon Hopkins - Breath This Air
  • Moderat - A new error
  • Kele - Doubt
  • Klaxons - Echoes
  • Trentemøller - Miss You
  • Sigma - Nobody to love
  • Skalpel - If music was...
  • Dj Koze - Nices Wölkchen
  • Gorgon City - Here for you



1. What are the opening hours?
The opening hours are 7pm-5am.

2. What time should one arrive at Festival to avoid waiting at gates?
The wristband exchange at the main entrance will be open from 7 pm. To avoid waiting in long lines we recommend coming at the Festival area around that time.

3. Is there possibility of staying overnight at the Festival area?
Sorry, the Festival area will be closed at 5 am either on FRI and SAT. Strictly no camping at any time.

4. Are any official before party or after party being planned?
Sorry, there will be no official before party. Any event called “FFF before party” or “FFF after party” organized around dates 09-10.05 will be unauthorized and the promoters of these events will be prosecuted.

5. Are there any restaurant services on site?
Yes, there are plenty of them on Festival site

6. Will there be any vegetarian food on the site?
Yes, there will at least one vegetarian restaurant.

7. Can I buy any of the alcoholic drinks on the site?
Yes, There will be a wide variety of both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks

8. Can visitors bring their own food and drinks to the festival area?
Sorry, Drinks and food will not be allowed to be brought into the festival site; there are fully licensed bars and food operators throughout the site.

9. Is it allowed to smoke at the festival area?
Yes, smoking will be allowed only at indicated area.

10. Will there be a possibility of purchasing a ticket at the entrance?
Yes, tickets can be bought at the festival entrance.

11. If I want to buy one day ticket do I need to choose on which day of festival I want to go beforehand or one day ticket allows me to enter festival either on FRI or SAT?
Sorry, while buying one day ticket you need to indicate on which day of festival you want to go.

12. Do you recommend any accommodation services in Warsaw?
Yes, the list of recommended Warsaw hostels  can be found on the festival web site:

13. Are there any parking spaces nearby?
There is no parking spaces at the festival site. We advise parking vehicles along the streets nearby. Attention: there is no attended car park.

14. What shall I do with my bike? Is there any bicycle park nearby?
No, the visitors will have to leave their bikes at unattended bicycle park.

15. What about kids? Do they need to have a ticket? Is there any discount for children?
Kids under 7 can enter the festival site without any tickets BUT the supervisors will have to sign the statement, that they are taking the full responsibility for children at the festival site. WARNING: Please note that you will be exposed to loud music at the Event. Prolonged exposure to loud music may cause damage to your hearing. Please also be aware that strobe lighting may be used during the Event.

16. Is there any guest or VIP list?
Yes, the VIP area can be entered only with special wristband or invitation. All guests whose names  are on any of the lists should have ID with them. Those under 18 will not be allowed to enter the VIP area.

17. Will under-age visitors be able to enter the VIP area?
The VIP area will be open only for guests over 18. Under-age visitors even with special VIP wristbands or invitations will not be allowed to enter the VIP area. They will not have access to any alcoholic drinks as well.

18. Can I take a dog or other pet animals along?
Sorry, taking animals to the festival area is not allowed.

19. Do I need to have a photo ID with me?
Yes, you should take the ID with you to the festival.

20. Where can I get the map and line-up of the festival?
The map and the line –up can be found on the website of the festival. Two weeks before the festival you can also download a PDF document with all details from the website: http://en.freeformfestival.pl/

21. Will any maps and line-ups be distributed on the festival site?
Yes, the visitors will get maps and line-ups  at the entrance.

22. Will the festival be broadcasted online or in any other media?
Sorry, there will be no live broadcast from the festival.

23. Is it allowed to bring a camera or minidisc into the festival site?
Sorry, Due to legal artist performance rights and royalty obligations, you cannot bring any video or audio recording equipment or any camera which is over 35mm or with a detachable lens onto the site. You will not be allowed to enter the site if you bring equipment that at the discretion of our security infringes on these rules.

24. Is there anything I should not bring to the festival?
Please do not bring drugs or weapons to the festival area. You should expect to be searched at the entrance to the festival, and anyone found with illegal substances or materials will be passed directly to the police. Anyone found in possession of drugs at the event will be ejected from the site and not permitted to re-enter.

25. Is there any place I can deposit my personal items?
Yes, There will be paid deposit area where you can leave items that are either valuable or forbidden at the festival area.

26. Is there any cloakroom in the festival site?
Yes, there is a paid cloakroom.

27. I’ve lost/ fund something, where can I find/ leave it?
During the event, you can ask for or leave lost & found items at the main entrance cloakroom. After the Festival all found items are forwarded to the Promoter’s office. You can contact the office by sending email to: office@goodmusic.pl
WARNING: Any suspicious/ dangerous lost & found items should be turned over to the festival security personnel!

28. Can one leave and re-enter the festival area?
All tickets will be exchanged into wristbands at the exchange point at the entrance. With a wristband you can leave and re-enter the festival area.

29. Is there any taxi rank nearby?
Yes, there should be taxi ranks next to Dworzec Wschodni Railway Station and near Soho Factory on Mińska Street.

30. Are there any bus stops nearby?
Yes, bus stops are 100 meters from Festival area.